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Dothan-Based Collection Attorneys

Our law firm specializes in the collection of delinquent accounts on a national level with our attorneys being licensed in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee. We handle the majority of our collection placements on a contingency basis which means there is no fee owed unless we are able to collect. Our goal is to assist our clients with the management of their accounts receivable.  Many of our clients engage our services prior to a delinquency status. Once an account is placed with our Collections Division, we begin collection efforts immediately. This includes sending demand letters, attempting verbal communication directly with the consumer and, when warranted, litigation.

It is important to us that our clients have confidence that any account placed with us is being handled quickly and efficiently. Our clients are provided with a unique CLIENT LOGIN through our website where they can view the progress being made on any account placed for collection at any time. Should litigation become necessary, we will discuss the litigation process with our client and the cost that may arise from such action. Because we recognize the importance of being good stewards of our clients’ money, we only recommend filing suit in situations where we believe that recovery is highly likely. With over 100 years of combined experience in the collections industry, our firm is proud to have a Collections Division comprised of experienced and professional collectors to assist clients.

To place accounts with our office, please download our placement form. 

Benefits of Prim & Mendheim, LLC Collection Division

  • Contingency-fee basis on all debts resulting in no-risk placement

  • We accept large and small clients without mandatory turnover amounts or account size

  • We have and will achieve strong results

  • Our computer software is highly sophisticated and provides for accurate accounting of fees/proceeds

  • Personnel who are highly trained and experienced in the field of collections

  • Proven collection methods

  • Adherence to all Federal and state laws and regulations regarding collections

  • Legal action can be taken with attorneys licensed in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee

  • We handle your account from start to finish, no second placements

  • Bankruptcy claims are filed if required and creditor representation in court as needed

  • Our fee basis is highly competitive

  • Status reports provided immediately upon request and always available via our CLIENT PORTAL

  • Client concerns and requests are always met and honored

  • We are a company founded on protection and recovery with the clients best interest in mind

Alabama Debt Collection Professionals

​A company’s success depends on providing goods and services under good faith. But when the good faith is not returned in

the form of payment for those goods and services, the company may need help. Following repeated attempts at collecting

from those unwilling to pay for goods or services rendered, a business should turn to a qualified law firm with specific skills in collections. Our firm has a Collections Division, managed by Lauren Donaldson, devoted to assisting clients develop and implement a successful plan of action that will produce consistent results in the form of lower accounts receivable.


If a consumer has the ability to pay, our collection professionals provide the debtor with every opportunity to resolve an account in a timely manner, whether by paying in full or through other payment arrangements. We provide a variety of payment options for consumers through our office and even have a “Consumer Login” which allows consumers to make secure payments over the internet via a credit card. Inevitably, some 

consumers simply ignore our collection efforts despite having available income or assets to pay their debts. In those circumstances, we recommend proceeding with litigation and post- judgment remedies to collect the debt. Our staff is always respectful and courteous to a consumer while at the same time taking a firm stance toward payment of the debt owed. We recognize that our actions are a reflection of our clients that we represent and, as such, we work hard to maintain a good relationship with our clients’ customers. Our core belief in diplomacy, respect, and tact creates our exceptional results while maintaining the best public image for our clients.


In today’s difficult financial times, we understand the importance of a strong collection and litigation partner necessary to address the unique nature of commercial debts owed. That is why we have established a Collections Division staffed with experienced attorneys and support staff who have the knowledge and ability to provide you the collection effort necessary to resolve your accounts receivable issues. We understand the impact that delinquent receivables can have on a business and the urgency needed to resolve the accounts as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our recovery approach is designed to help you reduce delinquency, increase recovery, improve cash flow and minimize losses, all at a fair cost with optimized net-back to your bottom line. Many businesses do not involve a collection firm until the account is delinquent. At Prim and Mendheim, we stress the importance of involving a collection partner in the early stages of granting credit to a customer in order to avoid a potential loss later. Our firm provides the following services to assist a business in safeguarding assets and managing its receivables prior to them becoming delinquent.

  • Credit Application Processing

  • Skip Tracing Services

  • Accounts Receivable Management Consulting

  • Outsourcing of Accounts Receivable Billing and Recovery Efforts


In many instances, a consumer will choose the file a bankruptcy thereby placing the creditor under an “automatic stay” imposed by the bankruptcy court. This means that action cannot be taken to secure the monies due the creditor without taking careful measures not to violate the stay. We routinely help our clients navigate the potential violations that can occur when a debtor files a bankruptcy. Additionally, the bankruptcy code can be complex and confusing to creditors. There are various bankruptcies that a consumer may file, some of which do not necessarily mean “the end of the road.” Furthermore, we will assist the creditor in resolving the debt through this process. This can come about through a variety of actions including: negotiations with the filing bankruptcy attorney, the filing of motions to lift the stay, the filing of proofs of claim, the securing of assets and litigation if necessary to safeguard the creditor.


The foreclosure process can be overwhelming for the property owner or financial institution as well as the home owner. Prim and Mendheim handles foreclosures

from start to finish and will be sure to take all necessary steps to avoid any unforeseen loopholes.  In this litigious environment, it is important to our firm that all necessary title work is performed without fail. Foreclosures are typically handled with a flat rate

fee plus expenses.


Each State has laws in place to protect both the tenant and the landlord. It is illegal to force a tenant from a dwelling by change the locks or tuning off the power. We provide a seamless service to landlords while safeguarding their rights and gaining possession of the property back legally. The courts are very specific in the manner at which evictions are filed and critical timelines must be adhered to. At Prim and Mendheim, we take the burden of the eviction out of the hands of the home owner or Property Management Company and follow the eviction through the process from start to finish. Moreover, we take the required steps to attempt the collection of any past due rent or damage to the property simultaneously. Our firm is very experienced at handling evictions and provides this service for a small flat fee.


The purpose of a Replevin action is to secure property that is owned by you and a debtor will not return or refuses to return. To begin the process of Replevin, you must be able to provide proof that you are the proper and legal owner of the property in question. Furthermore, it will be necessary to prove the third party is wrongfully in possession of the property. This action may also be filed in a situation of stolen property. This is often filed to immediately secure the property until a hearing can be held to determine ownership. Our firm is well-versed in handling such action and we provide this service at an hourly billing rate.


Typically speaking a lien is a document which outlines the party “owing” a debt and to “whom” the debt is owed as well as the amount. After all appropriate steps are taken, this formal document is then properly recorded in the corresponding public record. A lien can be the result of a variety of situations but is most commonly used in the collection of “good and services” or “work performed.” The lien may stem from household flooring, to concrete, and even landscaping. Once properly filed a lien is a very useful tool to recover the monies due the creditor in the situation. However, lien laws are very specific in nature and all steps must be taken to assure the validity of the lien. Prim and Mendheim excels in the filing of liens and the adherence to the lien laws in various circumstances. We strongly advise our clients to establish a policy prior to providing goods or services that may fall under the lien laws. The strongest liens are the result of well established guidelines and policies which we will assist the client in forming. Liens are handled on an hourly basis and involve a pre-filing and post-filing effort to enforce the lien.




207 West Adams Street

Dothan, Alabama 36303


Lauren Donaldson joined the firm of Prim & Mendheim in 2015. A native of Opp, Alabama, she graduated from the University of South Alabama in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications/Print Journalism. She received her law degree 

from Cumberland School of Law at Samford University in Birmingham.


After Undergrad, Lauren worked for a local newspaper covering various beats for the paper. Through this experience, she was exposed to how the law affects real people, and it served as a catalyst to her journey to become an attorney.

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